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02-12-24 Dump & Run Meeting 2

Posted by Charley Marchis on February 16, 2024

Attendance: Pete Varney, Dan Hiser, Miriam, Bryan Johnson, Thurman Etchison, Daphne Hulse



  1. Determine exact remaining budget for this year (Daphne)

    1. $5,951.38 in SSC fund

    2. $6,992.19 spent for the 2023 program

  2. Identify locations for Orchard Downs & Ashton Woods (Mark, Bryan)

  3. Reassess all previous locations & confirm (Mark, Bryan)

    1. Box truck sizes on Euclid - donation partners

    2. Babcock Hall - inquire with driver on the northernmost suggestion

    3. Sherman Hall - inquire with driver

  4. Inquire with Housing communications team about opportunity for advertisement + communications for Orchard Downs, Ashton Woods (Mark, Bryan)

  5. Loop in Jenna (Project4Less) into food pantry donation conversations (Thurman, Daphne)

    1. Connected with the Eastern Illinois Food Bank - setting up meeting to discuss logistics

  6. iSEE - what materials will be collected? (Miriam)

    1. Out of office - reconnect later

  7. Assign locations to non-profit partners, once locations are determined (Daphne)


Action Items

  1. Connect with driver for shipping containers, ensure access to locations (Daphne)

    1. Confirm all locations with Stacey DeLorenzo (Daphne)

  2. Connect with non-profit groups, confirm participation (Daphne)

  3. Confirm graduate halls move out timing (Mark, Bryan)

  4. Marketing materials from Housing - posters, digital sign (Mark, Bryan)

  5. Confirm iSEE’s plan for integration (Miriam, Daphne)