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14 hours left!

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on April 16, 2017

Hey teams,

We have just 14 hours left in the competition. Have an impromptu study hour, post some pictures on FB, get more people to sign up for next year! It's never too late to make an impact.

As the competition winds down, I want to send out a couple of important reminders.

  1. The goal of Eco-Olympics is behavioral change. Remember to carry the things you've learned with you!
  2. If you still haven't gotten your shirt, its not too late. Just reach out to me.
  3. Tomorrow is the deadline to RSVP for a leadership certificate.
  4. If you had events, SEND ME YOUR ATTENDANCE SHEETS. I can't give you participation points if I don't know you had an event or I don't know how many showed up.

Thanks for all you've done teams!


Jessica Mondello
Eco-Olympics | Director

Think Globally. Act Locally.