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2024 Campus Bike Plan Meeting Held on 02/27/2024

Posted by Tushar Kokitkar on February 27, 2024

I had a meeting with Sarthak on February 27th, 2024 to discuss the working document of the 2024 Campus Bike Plan.

Below are the notes of the meeting, mentioning the action items:

  • A weekly update on the working of the document to be uploaded on ICAP portal.
  • Review and edit the summary of the progress reports, if needed, written by Kejsi and Ethan.
  • Review the section for Equity and Inclusion in Chapter 3: Goals and Objectives.
  • Chapter 2: Stakeholders
    • Add DRES as a stakeholder.
  • Chapter 4: Equity and inclusion
    • Add about parking for tandem bikes, E-bikes.
    • Add the circuit map created, showing the route taken by wheelchair athletes.
    • Mention the meeting with Adam and the concerns regarding the infrastructure for wheelchair athletes.
    • Describe the routes taken, their existing condition, issues and proposed interventions.
    • Add description about the condition of Peabody Drive and the proposed intervention.
    • Add description about the condition of Pennsylvania Avenue till Lincoln Avenue and the proposed intervention.
    • Mention about coordinating with TDM and Capital Programs at Facilities & Services for street level improvements along the routes mentioned in circuit map.
  • Chapter 5: Network
    • Proof read and propose changes wherever necessary.
  • Chapter 7: Additional Considerations
    • Proof read and propose changes wherever necessary for Education section and beyond.
  • Bike rack inventory maintenance audit:
    • Fill in the remaining details and complete the sheet.
    • Visit locations of bike racks with blurry or no photos or where the rack capacity is not mentioned.
    • Classify different types of bike racks based on their condition and maintenance level and create separate pdf’s for each.