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Projects Updates for 2024 Campus Bike Plan

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  1. Transportation iCAP Team Meeting 2/28/2024

    The Transportation iCAP Team met on 2/28/2024 to discuss the outlined proposal of the DESMAN report, the 2024 Campus Bike Plan, and end-of-year reporting initiatives. Attached is a link to the meeting recording.

  2. 2024 Campus Bike Plan Meeting Held on 02/27/2024

    Associated Project(s): 

    I had a meeting with Sarthak on February 27th, 2024 to discuss the working document of the 2024 Campus Bike Plan.

    Below are the notes of the meeting, mentioning the action items:

    • A weekly update on the working of the document to be uploaded on ICAP portal.
    • Review and edit the summary of the progress reports, if needed, written by Kejsi and Ethan.
    • Review the section for Equity and Inclusion in Chapter 3: Goals and Objectives.
    • Chapter 2: Stakeholders
      • Add DRES as a stakeholder.
    • Chapter 4: Equity and inclusion
      • Add about parking for tandem bikes, E-bikes.
      • Add the circuit map created, showing the route taken by wheelchair athletes.
      • Mention the meeting with Adam and the concerns regarding the infrastructure for wheelchair athletes.
      • Describe the routes taken, their existing condition, issues and proposed interventions.
      • Add description about the condition of Peabody Drive and the proposed intervention.
      • Add description about the condition of Pennsylvania Avenue till Lincoln Avenue and the proposed intervention.
      • Mention about coordinating with TDM and Capital Programs at Facilities & Services for street level improvements along the routes mentioned in circuit map.
    • Chapter 5: Network
      • Proof read and propose changes wherever necessary.
    • Chapter 7: Additional Considerations
      • Proof read and propose changes wherever necessary for Education section and beyond.
    • Bike rack inventory maintenance audit:
      • Fill in the remaining details and complete the sheet.
      • Visit locations of bike racks with blurry or no photos or where the rack capacity is not mentioned.
      • Classify different types of bike racks based on their condition and maintenance level and create separate pdf’s for each.
  3. Weekly meeting with Ethan

    Sarthak & Ethan Meeting 11/3

    Campus landscape master plan 

    • where there is a map, see if there is anything related to trails or sidewalks, see where they are mentioned, try to include that in our plan 
    • Include: Implement campus landscape master plan
    • Page 25
    • Main quad district (we can use the image on page 66)
    • On Monday, begin process of pulling out data from landscape plan 
    • Work in person on Wednesday at 1pm

    Evaluation section

    • Add implement campus landscape master plan 


    • put projects on the list from landscape plan 
    • Can use the images from the plan

    Wednesday we will organize the document 

    Equity and accessibility section

    • only talk about how we want Ada accessible

    Existing Conditions

    • can minimize words, do not need as much details 

    Crash Data

    • update graph 

    Landscape plan excel:

    • Look at bike factors in its goals/recommendations 
    • Any bike related projects, take note of them, and where they are located
  4. Monthly meeting with Morgan and Stacey

    Associated Project(s): 

    I met with Morgan and Stacey on 8/30/2023 to discuss the progress of the 2024 Campus Bike Master Plan. The major discussion was about Chapter 3: Goals and Objectives, and I will be re-organizing the goals and objectives under three key goals:

    1. Infrastructure
    2. Programming
    3. Resources

    We also discussed the soft publish date to be 5/1/2024 and a hard deadline of 6/30/2024.

  5. Meeting notes with Ethan Garcia - Capstone project

    Prepare outline for bike audit

    • how to do it
    • What will we need
    • What information do I need
    • What information are we trying to get out of this
    • How are we trying to do this 
    • What resources will we need (GIS)
    • When are we doing the audit 
    • When do we think we can finish it (number of hours, dates not necessary)
    • Condition assessments of bike rack 
    • Looking at rack itself and concrete 


    Re-familiarize self with stuff


    Black racks are ground mounted, we want bike racks on rails (gray ones)


    Only university owned bike racks and paths 

  6. Meeting with Stacey: ADA Accessibility Survey

    Associated Project(s): 

    On 08/18/2023, Stacey, Sarthak and Hrushikesh had a meeting to discuss the Project Scope for ADA Accessibility Survey of the Campus.

    Discussed the budget required for this project along with the parameters and boundaries of selection criteria for the Sidewalks and Crosswalks survey.

  7. Weekly Meeting: Campus Bike Plan Progress

    Associated Project(s): 

    On 07/20/2023, Sarthak and Hrushikesh had a meeting regarding the progress on the Campus Bike Plan 2024.

    Meeting Notes:

    - Discussion on Inclusion and importance of some of the new initiatives taken to promote bicycle ridership.

    - Addressing the idea of Pathfinding/ Way-finding maps Bike paths, bike parking and other bicycle friendly facilities available On-Campus.


  8. Meeting with Adam Bleakney: Discussion on Campus Bike Plan and ADA Compliance for Bike Paths on Campus

    Associated Project(s): 

    On 07/10/2023 Sarthak and Hrushikesh had a meeting with Adam Bleakney (Disability Sports Coach at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

    Meeting Notes:

    - Introduced Adam about the Campus Bike Plan

    - His Suggestions:

    - The Athletes take mainly two routes for training, primary route starting from Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) to Stadium Dr, S 1st St, E Peabody, S 4th St, St Marys Rd, S Oak St, W Kirby Ave and back to S 1st St forming a Loop/ Circuit. Thus, maintenance of this circuit is vital.

    - Secondary route consists of E Peabody, S 6th St, E Pennsylvania Ave, Race St

    - Preferred to have street level bike lane.

    - Usual speed of the athletes is 10-20 mph/hr.

    - Connection with Oak St has been a concern.


  9. Meeting with Jake

    Sarthak and Hrushikesh had a meeting with Jake about improvements in the resources available on campus for bicycle and pedestrian friendly access.

    Notes from Meeting:

    - Total 9 Bike Repair Stations, including 5 new Locations namely Grainger Library, Foellinger Auditorium, Smith Hall, Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), and  Loomis Laboratory Of Physics

    - Giveaways/Incentives for students that visit the Campus Bike Center or during any event related to Bicycles.

    - Events such as Learn to Ride, Light the Night, Bike Classes (Fix a Flat), 

    - October can have a few events as it is the month of Sustainability.

    Discussion on Bike Plan 2024

    - Bike Audit (can be held in Fall): 

    The Audit will cover: 1) Connection of Bike Network within the Campus and the Community

                                     2) Condition Assessment of Bike paths and lanes

                                     3) Bike Racks (Only with Campus Limit)


  10. Explained the Campus Bike Plan update project to students

    Sarthak met with Hrushikesh Chavan (Master of Architecture student) and Nathaniel Nevins (Bachelors in Landscape Architecture) separately to explain the Campus Bike Plan 2024 update. These students will read up the 2014 Campus Bike Plan, the progress reports, and other documents shared with them to learn more and recommend suggestions for this new Plan.

  11. Campus Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) spring 2023

  12. Weekly capstone meetings: Meeting from 3/29 and 4/5

    Meeting from 4/5/2023

    Summary: Ethan and Sarthak met via zoom where they discussed the work on the plan that Ethan has done so far. They also discussed the thorough plan for the next year to describe to the stakeholders, in regard to their involvement with the 2024 plan. Ethan is expected to respond to stakeholders by next week, add onto the plan (mainly the executive summary, goals & objectives, introduction, and planning process sections). Ethan will send Sarthak separate emails about his Urban Planning presentation on their work for school, and request for GIS information.

    Meeting from 3/29/2023

    Summary: Ethan and Sarthak met briefly via zoom (Ethan was out of town dealing with a family emergency so there was not much to discuss). Ethan is expected to make a Google Sheet with stakeholders' information and responses, a sheet of timeline for the planning process, and a document for the 2024 plan.

  13. Weekly capstone meetings: Meeting from 3/1, 3/10, and 3/22

    Meeting notes from 3/22:

    • LRTP 2045 review it
    • They are starting work on 2050
    • Subject line for email: Name of Person/Organization
    • Expect 5-7 meetings (Landscape Architects, SPO, Transportation iCAP team, SSC, maybe League of American Bicyclists, Champaign County Bikes, RPC)
    • The rest will be communicated with through emails and/or CTAC
    • April 27th, morning meeting with CTAC
    • Start document for 2024 Campus Master Bicycle Plan (start outlining sections i.e introductions, executive summary, etc.). Use the 2014 plan as a template. 
    • In April we will start filling some of the information on the 2024 plan (Introduction, Planning Process).
    • In April will present to Bumsoo Lee and DURP to show progress

    Meeting from 3/10:

    Sarthak and Ethan met via zoom to discuss plans for the rest of the semester. Ethan is to finalize the email template which they will begin sending out after Spring break (last two weeks of March). Ethan is also to finish readings mentioned by Stacey by the next meeting in two weeks. 


    • Be ready for reach out process, email ready, finish readings, you will hear from us in coming months, there will be future stakeholder meetings, feel free to share some ideas over email now, attach 2014 bicycle plan and 3 reports (at least the 2019 and 2022 one) (link it in email itself). 
    • Start report for undergraduate project early April.

    Meeting from 3/1:

    Sarthak and Ethan met via zoom to reflect on their meeting with Stacey. Ethan and Sarthak made note of stakeholders that she suggested that we reach out to and other readings to review. Ethan is to draft an email for reaching out to stakeholders once we return from Spring Break. Ethan is also expected to review RPC Bike Plan, Campus Master Plan, Crash Data, and TDM Plan.


    • Readings to do:
      • RPC Bike Plan
      • Campus Master Plan
      • Crash Data
      • TDM
      • APBP and League of American Bicyclists we will reach out to
      • Look at TDM report for Bicycle Friendly University updates
      • TDM to be published this year
    • Starting introductory email template and we would greatly appreciate your input and guidance when developing plan
    • Give info on what the old plan was and progress
    • Suggestions on adding more 
    • Ethan: start draft of email