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Projects Updates for 2024 Campus Bike Plan

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  1. Weekly capstone meetings: Meeting from 2/23 and 2/24

    Sarthak and Ethan met with Stacey DeLorenzo to discuss their development of the planning process for the 2024 Campus Master Bicycle Plan which will occur this semester. Stacey approved of a bicycle audit happening in the fall as well as gave some suggestions for some other stakeholders to include such as Ride Illinois. They also discussed more readings to refer to such as the TDM Plan and Urbana bike plan. This semester will culminate with the meeting with CTAC discussing the working structure and plan for the next two semesters. They also talked about other potential ideas to include in the plan such as scooter parking, more bike share programs, and more bicycle education programs. Stacey agreed to meet with Sarthak and Ethan once a month to get updates on their progress. 

  2. Weekly capstone meetings: Meeting from 2/15

    Ethan and Sarthak met via zoom to discuss Ethan’s progress in reviewing relevant documents toward the former 2014 Bicycle Plan and for the future 2024 Bicycle Plan. Ethan has finished reading the 2019 and 2023 progress reports on the bicycle plan and reviewed which projects have been finished and are yet to be finished. Ethan’s main goal is to develop a presentation for a meeting with Morgan and Stacy to discuss the work he and Sarthak have been doing. Also, they must present their plan for the semester in regard to developing the planning process for the next year, in reference to the 2024 Bicycle Plan. Ethan and Sarthak also discussed highlighting the bicycle audit expected to be done in the Fall.

  3. Weekly capstone meetings: Meeting from 1/25 and 2/1

    1/25 Meeting Recap:

    • Sarthak introduces the project to Ethan in their first meeting via zoom. They are expected to develop the planning process for the development of the 2024 Bicycle Plan, which is expounding upon the former 2014 Bicycle Plan. Next school year, Ethan would work alongside Sarthak in developing the plan itself. 
    • Firstly, Sarthak wants Ethan to read all of the relevant readings for understanding the context of this project, especially the 2014 Bicycle Plan and report/updates on that plan since then. Sarthak introduces the iCAP portal to Ethan and grants him access to the reports/to make edits to the developing projects. 
    • Ethan to start the readings before the next meeting on (2/1).


    2/1 Meeting Recap

    • Sarthak and Ethan met via zoom to discuss Ethan’s progress in familiarizing himself with the 2014 Bicycle Plan and its other relevant documents and reports. 
    • Ethan read 30 pages of the 2014 Plan so far, and had two questions for Sarthak. One was in regard to the scope of the 2024 Plan’s recommendations. Specifically, Ethan was wondering to what degree will their 2024 Plan discuss campus connectivity with the greater Champaign-Urbana areas. Sarthak said that he would need to get a confirmation from his colleagues, but he believes that the scope of this plan should only encompass the campus district. This considers the main campus, but also the adjacent northwest area that contains mostly residential and commercial spaces. This campus district stretches to the northbound-southbound railroad tracks west of campus and up to University Avenue. 
    • Ethan’s second question was in regard to the goals listed in the executive summary versus the desired outcomes listed in the introduction. The executive summary lists the primary goals of the entire plans while the introduction’s outcomes describe the specific goals of the bikeway network improvement project. 
    • Sarthak shows Ethan how to post updates to the 2024 Bicycle Plan on the iCAP portal. Ethan will begin posting his weekly updates based on their weekly meetings there. 
    • Sarthak advised Ethan to finish reading the 2014 Bicycle Plan by next week’s meeting (2/8) and to finish the rest of the relevant readings/reports by the end of the month (February). 
  4. Weekly capstone meetings: Meeting from 2/8

    Sarthak and Ethan met in person to discuss Ethan’s updates on his readings on the former 2014 Bicycle Plan. He has completed his review of the 2014 Plan and will delve into the progress reports and updates reports published in 2019, 2022, and 2023 for next week to see which projects have been completed, changed, or left unfinished indefinitely. He will also review the feedback from the League of American Bicyclists based on the University’s Bronze Bicycle Friendly Status awarded in 2019. The goal is to receive Gold Status this August, if not in 2027 because the review is done every 4 years. A main aspect of the 2024 Bicycle Plan will be to achieve Platinum Status by 2031. Sarthak also assured Ethan that many of the projects of the 2014 plan have since been completed which will be seen in the update/progress reports. Ethan’s to do list is to finish his readings relevant to the 2024 Bicycle Plan, such as the update reports. Also, he must begin preparing to consolidate the work he and Sarthak have done. This will then be presented to Sarthak’s bosses which will focus on the plan for this semester and the next two semesters.

  5. Campus Bike Plan update: information for the undergraduate student

    Hi Bumsoo, I had a call with Marc yesterday, and he mentioned that the MUP program can work on this project in the fall and spring semesters as a group project. I am still trying to figure out all that needs to be done for this project, and I think getting the help from your student might be beneficial.

    How many hours can your student set aside for this project? In this semester, your student could help identify the stakeholders to reach out for the Campus Bike Plan update. He can help with determining a timeline and the planning process for next academic year. (If time permits) I will also ask the student to present some preliminary suggestions for the 2024 Bike Plan update at the end of this semester.

    The first thing for your student would be to read the current 2014 Campus Bicycle Master Plan ( I have published two progress reports in the past few years. I am currently working on our progress report from the past year, which should be published in the next few weeks. Here is the 2022 report: Campus Bike Plan progress report FY22. Here is the 2019 report: 2019 Report for 2014 Campus Bicycle Plan

    I would like to have weekly meetings with student. In the next 2-3 weeks, I would schedule a meeting with Morgan and Stacey to present what we think we should accomplish at the end of this semester. At the end of the semester, he will present the findings to F&S, SPO, Transportation iCAP Team, and possibly to the Campus Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC).

    Please let me know if this sounds good to you. I would be very happy to meet your student and get started on this project. Thank you,

  6. 2024 Campus Bike Plan update: collaboration with Department of Urban Planning

    Sarthak Prasad met with Marc Doussard, the Master of Urban Planning (MUP) Director, to talk about MUP capstone and how their students can assist with this project. Marc said they can bring this project to the class int he fall 2023 and spring 2024 semesters and assist in the update.

    Bumsoo Lee also mentioned that he has an undergraduate student who is very interested in helping out with this project in the spring 2023 semester.

  7. Nathaniel Nevins to help with the Campus Bike Plan update

    Sarthak Prasad met with Nathaniel Nevins, high school senior, on Tuesday January 17, 2023. Nathaniel is going to help with the Campus Bike Plan update. He is going to read the 2014 Campus Bike Plan by February 15, 2023, and read both the progress reports for Campus Bike Plan by February 28, 2023. He is also going to suggest ideas for the update. Nathaniel will be volunteering over the spring semester. Following information was shared with him:

    Here is the link to the iCAP Portal:

    Here is the 2014 Campus Bike Plan:

    Here is the 2022 report: Campus Bike Plan progress report FY22

    Here is the 2019 report: 2019 Report for 2014 Campus Bicycle Plan

  8. planning for the next bike plan

    Morgan and Sarthak discussed the timeline for the next Campus Bike Plan.  The 2014 plan was completed in 2014 and formally approved in March 2015 by Chancellor Wise, with an end date of 2024.  We should have the new plan approved before the end of December 2024.  It would be great to have it available to present during Sustainability Month October 2024, and get formal approval through the Sustainability Council and/or CCRC in November/December 2024.  Thus, the goal is to have a plan ready for routing for approval in summer 2024.