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Weekly meeting with Ethan

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on November 3, 2023

Sarthak & Ethan Meeting 11/3

Campus landscape master plan 

  • where there is a map, see if there is anything related to trails or sidewalks, see where they are mentioned, try to include that in our plan 
  • Include: Implement campus landscape master plan
  • Page 25
  • Main quad district (we can use the image on page 66)
  • On Monday, begin process of pulling out data from landscape plan 
  • Work in person on Wednesday at 1pm

Evaluation section

  • Add implement campus landscape master plan 


  • put projects on the list from landscape plan 
  • Can use the images from the plan

Wednesday we will organize the document 

Equity and accessibility section

  • only talk about how we want Ada accessible

Existing Conditions

  • can minimize words, do not need as much details 

Crash Data

  • update graph 

Landscape plan excel:

  • Look at bike factors in its goals/recommendations 
  • Any bike related projects, take note of them, and where they are located