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Bike Facilities Standard

Posted by Quinn Connolly on October 26, 2023

Hi Stacey and Morgan,


Please see attached the facilities standard for Streets, Driveway, Sidewalk, and Bicycle Network. This standard was just updated in August 2023, but the point about Campus Bike Plan has been in place since at least the last standard update.


Bicycle Network: Bicycle path facilities shall be constructed according to the Campus Bicycle Plan, available through F&S Transportation Demand Management and also available at: 2014 Campus Bicycle Plan. All new bicycle paths shall be a connected part of the campus bicycle network as well as the community bicycle networks, and shall follow the Champaign County Greenways and Trails Design Guidelines, developed by CUUATS.


Bicycle Paths: Bicycle paths shall use design geometry, striping, symbols, and signage as described in the 2014 Campus Bicycle Plan.


Thank you,