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5-17-23 F&S and YMCA meeting

Posted by Daphne Hulse on May 17, 2023

On May 17, 2023 Morgan White, Daphne Hulse, and Marc Alexander met to discuss the future of Dump and Run.

  • F&S will need to provide public functions stuff for YMCA dump and run sale in the fall (use SSC funding - what is left)

  • We will need to create a MOU including what all this means for YMCA and long-term funding for their sale and our spring move out

    • Be sure to include that F&S will support the August sale in a public functions capacity, and supports the continued use of Stock Pavilion

  • Honor the partnership with the YMCA

    • MOU get marc’s perspective, morgan’s perspective, pete’s perspective, housing’s perspective

  • Be clear that there is a spring collection and august sale. They are separate events but all under the Dump and Run name.

    • Phrase example: “The Campus Bike Center is a collaboration between UIUC and the Bike Project of Champaign.”

      • Dump and Run: “Dump and Run is a collaboration between University YMCA and UIUC.”

    • Collaboration means that we sometimes work in different capacities as the university can be so much larger than a small organization

    • Daphne to draft a MOU for F&S-Housing and F&S-YMCA

      • “…Based on x y z background this is how we intend to move forward in our partnership over the years. One year time intervals automatically renewed each year unless a party decides something should change or cease…”

  • Recurring expenses could be argument among us internally to determine who should contribute (Morgan thinks this is a Pete question)

    • Student fees can go to anything

    • State funds to Housing is slightly limited

    • State funds to off campus entities is very limited

  • Timeline

    • Get the MOU signed and approved before move in weekend, so we can proclaim it the way we planned to

    • August for YMCA to rubber stamp it

  • As a general reference, it is good to get things written down and signed on a MOU with existing leadership who support these initiatives, so they continue even when leadership changes