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Archived description: Bike Shelter at Flagg Hall

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on July 7, 2021

This Bike Shelter is 14' x 63', and it can accommodate up to 84 bicycles in two tiers. It was purchased from Ground Control Systems in 2018, and was initially planned to be installed to the West of Main Library. However, due to contruction conflicts, the location had to be changed. In 2019, several locations were identified and examined, for example, the Psychology Building and North of Henry Aministration Building (HAB). The HAB location was more suitable since it was a high demand area, however, the Bike Shelter was too big for the location, and the Architecture Review Committee (ARC) denied the location, citing the conflict of this structure with beautification of the main Quad.

In November 2019, North of Flagg Hall was identified as the new location for the bike shelter and it was approved by ARC. The bike shelter is expected to be installed and ready to use by the end of November 2020.