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Archived info - SSC marketing subcommittee info

Posted by Morgan White on August 16, 2017

Here are the tasks we need to focus on starting with the highest priority.     1st Web Development. The website looks pretty nice but its content is lacking particularly in the projects page. There are pictures missing for many completed and under construction projects (I am currently working on that).      2nd Encourage more people to work on working groups. The more people involved in the process the more of an impact the committee will have on campus.      3rd Have more people, particularly students, submit proposals      4th Have the committee be known throughout campus. I would be willing to do some research to see what percentage of the school knows about it now to measure our effectiveness.      If you know anyone who is interested in social media, photography, videography, or writing, please encourage them to join.     I hope to see everyone soon,   Marlon Mueller-Soppart