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Archived web info - CSE SSC page

Posted by Morgan White on June 4, 2014

Student Sustainability Committee

SSC Chair, Suhail Barot

The Student Sustainability Committee'spurpose is to:

1) explore the options for the use of the student fees for sustainability and alternative energy generation, and 2) evaluate the feasibility of projects being discussed with the professional assistance of engineers in the Division of Facilities and Services. The committee reviews and recommends projects to be funded from two student fees, the $14.00 Sustainable Campus Environment fee and the $2.00 Cleaner Energy Technologies fee.

In Spring 2003, a $2.00 per semester non-refundable student fee for Cleaner Energy Technologies was approved by a student referendum. The intent of the fee is to "provide pollution-free renewable energy as a portion of the campus energy portfolio and reduce campus energy consumption." In Spring 2010, students passed a referendum that raised the Sustainable Campus Environment Fee from $5 to $14. The measure passed by 77% approval, and established University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as having the largest funding pool of its kind in the United States. The Student Sustainability Committee, is a joint student, faculty and staff committee, though students are the only voting members on the Committee.

The projects approved by the Student Sustainability Committee undergo approval by the Office of Sustainability.

To become a member of the Student Sustainability Committee, visit the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs website for application information and application deadlines.

Student Sustainability Committee Members

Students - 2012-2013
Kathryn Kinley - (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Marika Nell - (Civil and Environmental Engineering) - Treasurer
Suharsh Sivakumar - (Computer Science)
Emily Cross - (Earth Systems, Society and Environment)
Olivia Webb - (Agricultural and Biological Engineering)
Jordan Jessop - (Graduate Student, Natural Resources and Environmental Science)
Marcus Ricce - (Graduate Student, Urban and Regional Planning)
Felicia Speranske - (Natural Resouces and Environmental Science)
Sean Sullivan - (Earth Systems, Society, and Environment)
Teresa Tousignant - (Graduate Student, Architecture) 

Faculty Advisors - 2012-2013
Brenda Coble Lindsey- Social Work
Brian Deal- Urban and Regional Planning
Praveen Kumar- Civil and Environmental Engineering
Robert Pahre- Political Science
Madhu Viswanathan- Business
Michelle Wander- Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

Staff Advisors - 2012-2013
Stephanie Lage- Office of Sustainability
Betsy Jo Liggett- Environmental Compliance, Facilities and Services
Morgan Johnston- Sustainability Coordinator, Facilities and Services
John Prince- Deferred Maintenance, Facilities and Services
Ed Slazinik- Illini Union

Program Advisor
Mckenzie Beverage – Student Programs and Activities