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Bike recycle event, KellerWilliams Realtor RED Day Bicycle Recycle event

Posted by Gerard Foote on June 25, 2015

Happy Bike Month Everybody,

We have lots of bike-related events going on in May.  And as the use of bikes and the local bike community grows, we will have more and more bike events.  This is all good.  Champaign County Bikes will try to share local bike information and keep everyone informed. (A growing task for us, and one of the reasons we need to grow and add capacity!)  For now, during Bike Month - our Bike Month calendar and resources are at  A more complete and ongoing bike event calendar that draws from many of our local bike groups is at our CCB website,

I just want to quick highlight a new event, one I just received some information on tonight.  I believe it’s good that all of us who share leadership roles in our bicycle community are well informed, given that that we might be asked about any bike-related event in town, including this new event.  Scott Bechtel and his staff at KellerWilliams Realtor are hosting this RED DAY Bicycle Recycle event, and as I understand it are promoting it primarily within their extensive network of contacts, and then generally in the community.  One of our CCB members knows Scott and they have had some conversations. This is how CCB knows of RED DAY.  Red Day falls on our local Bike to Work Day, Thursday, May 14.

You can find more information at:, at KellerWillimas, or their Facebook page.

Thanks for everything all of you are doing to make Champaign County an awesomely Bicycle Friendly Place!


Jeff Yockey


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