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Bike Registration Signs: 5/16 meeting between Sarthak and Shayna

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on May 17, 2021

Today we discussed the next steps in the bicycle registration project on campus. We looked at the previous design for the lawn signs, and after looking at the new ones, I was tasked with cutting some of the text and enlarging the QR Code. I will send over the file after these adjustments so the design can be uploaded on Adobe software or something similar. We are also looking forward to hearing if the signs can be metal plated instead of corrugated plastic so that they may last longer. This might be a bit more expensive, so that would mean fewer lawn signs and location. Though, there are around ten left over signs from last year. In terms of locations, I will be pinning all the locations on a Google Map to make the information more accessible. We also discussed other ways to broadcast this information and we will contact residential directors of the dorms and see if they can include information about bike registration when they welcome incoming students. Spreading the information on other social media is also an option. Lastly, we will be meeting in around two weeks to discuss where we are at and the next steps.