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Bike Registration Signs: 5/30 meeting between Sarthak and Shayna

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on June 1, 2021

Today we discussed the next steps of finalizing a design for the signs and narrowing down on locations. I was tasked with prioritizing the locations. The dorms would get first priority, the other big locations got second priority (like the Union), and third priority was any other location. After we complete these two, we can get confirmation from the Architectural Review Committee.

Below, I have added the link for the map with all the locations, and a list of the location in priority order.

First Priority:

  • Snyder Hall
  • Weston Hall
  • Scott Hall
  • Hopkins Hall
  • Wassaja Hall
  • Nugent Hall
  • Barton and Lundgren
  • Taft Van Doren
  • FAR
  • PAR
  • Busey/Evans
  • Allen Hall
  • LAR
  • ISR

Second Priority:

  • Illini Union
  • Grainger Library
  • South Quad
  • Transit Plaza

Third Priority:

  • Krannert Center
  • CRCE
  • ARC
  • Armory
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Bardeen Quad
  • ECEB
  • Neutral Cycle