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Bike Registration Signs: 7/25 meeting between Sarthak and Shayna

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on July 25, 2021

Below are the 12 locations we can put up the signs. Additionally, after looking at you map, I agree with all the location for the signs.

  1. Snyder Hall
  2. Weston Hall
  3. Hopkins Hall
  4. Nugent Hall
  5. Taft Van Doren
  6. FAR/PAR
  7. Busey/Evans
  8. Allen Hall
  9. LAR
  10. ISR
  11. Illini Union
  12. ARC

Today we discussed the 10-12 location we are ready to place the bike signs once they are made. Once the work order is submitted soon, the signs will take around two weeks to produce and we are hoping to have everything, including the placement of the signs, done by early September. Currently, the cost of each sign ranges from $60-$75 with an additional $200 for installation of all signs. We hope to complete 12 signs and make more if our budget allows.