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Digital signage for Summer Bicycle Roundup

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on June 21, 2023

Attached digital signs was shared with several departments on campus with the following message:

F&S is in the process of removing all abandoned bicycles left on campus over the summer. All bicycles on campus property have been tagged with an orange sticker. If a bicycle still has this sticker by July 5, it will be considered abandoned and subsequently impounded. Bicyclists must remove this tag from their bicycle to keep it active and to avoid impound.

This sign was posted on 6/22/2023 until 7/14/2023 at the following departments:

  • Illini Union and Bookstore
  • F&S
  • BIF
  • Campus Recreation
  • Beckman
  • Architecture Building (FAA)
  • Law Building
  • CSL
  • DCL
  • ECE
  • Engineering Hall
  • IESB
  • Labor and Employee Relations
  • Loomis Laboratory
  • MSEB
  • Micro + Nanotechnology laboratory
  • NCSA
  • Newmark Civil Engineering Laboratory
  • Siebel Center
  • Vet Med
  • CIF
  • Research Park