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Discussion about SSC projects in iCAP Portal - May 3, 2024

Posted by Michael McKelvey on May 3, 2024

Miriam Keep, Codie Sterner, and Michael McKelvey met to discuss progress on embedding projects from the iCAP Portal on the SSC website.


  • Michael's questions:
    • Ok to move SSC Projects to full-blown content type?
    • Entering funding details options:
      1. Enter details for each status (Requested, Approved, Allocated, Spent, Relinquished)?
        • Pros: can enter very detailed info which could be useful for complicated situations
        • Cons: more laborious to enter
      2. Enter broader details directly into SSC Project record in a single field for each status (less detail allowed, simpler
        • Pros: much simpler to enter
        • Cons: cannot enter very detailed info; may lose ability to represent multiple funding sources for a project (depending on setup)
    • Do SSC Projects ever have multiple funding sources in a single semester?
    • What's the "Other" funding source? (see 2009-2010)
    • Combine Semester and Year into one field? Or leave separate?
  • Sheri: can we automate entry of data?
    • Michael: this might be possible, we can look into this in the future


  • SSC Project full-blown content type is a go!
  • Prefer option to enter detailed funding info
  • Can ignore "Other" funding source, it was used to trick Tableau into displaying funding info correctly
  • Leave Semester and Year separate


  • Meet next week for final discussions
  • Have students start to enter information in the following weeks


  • SSC Projects:
    • ✔️ Add Image Gallery
    • ✔️ Show Image Gallery in main section
    • ✔️ Move map to sidebar
    • ✔️ Use Featured Image from SSC Project rather than associated iCAP Portal Project
    • ✔️ Add Award Expiration date field
    • ✔️ Merge Active and Closed into SSC Project Status field (Active, Closed)
  • Embed:
    • ✔️ Change Project Category to text instead of icon
    • ✔️ Show Semester filter only if Year selected (lower priority, can wait until other changes are done)