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Dump and Run posters

Posted by Charley Marchis on March 22, 2024

I have attached files for the digital sign and the posters. I will get our marketing staff to add the digital sign to our boards in the next couple weeks, and I have asked them to add it to a future issue of Housing Insider. We already talked about the hall posters, but the larger foam board signs you can also bring to me and I will get them delivered to the halls. To cover all the halls we will need 20. I have seen them produced with the a build in fold out stand on the back, which would make it really easy to place in the halls as opposed to having to get a easel for each sign. But we can make either work.


Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts on the design.




Hi Bryan,


Thank you for sending these over! I wanted to follow up with a couple of items:

  • I just got notice from University YMCA that we should include the ampersand as opposed to “and,” as well as the used of ® after the name, because YMCA received approval for trademarking. Would it be possible to revise what was created with this new info?
  • Are there standard dimensions for the foam board signs? This isn’t something F&S created last year, so just want to make sure I understand the product we are talking about. Is this something that Housing communications would be able to assist with?


Thank you,



The marketing person who typically orders the poster board signs is out of the office today, but she is expected back tomorrow. She is supposed to get me an answer on how we can get them produced when she returns. Until then, here are updated creatives with the suggestions you provided. Let me know if these look good.