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Dump and Run for Spring 2022 is Cancelled

Posted by Alec McKay on May 5, 2022


Below is an email from Morgan White describing that the University YMCA plans to only conduct Dump and Run in the fall.

This led Morgan, F&S, & Housing leadership to decide to delay their version of spring collections until the full-time Zero Waste Coordinator has been hired.



From: White, Morgan

Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2022 8:24 AM

To: Johnson, Bryan Lloyd; Kuehl, Mark A; Hiser, Daniel William; Patterson, Shawn L 

Cc: Boehm, David ; McKay, James; Sealine, Alma R; Varney, Peter W; Kamarah, Ehab 

Subject: RE: Dump and Run - arranging a meeting


Hello everyone,


Thank you for your patience and willingness regarding the UIUC collaboration with the University YMCA on the Dump and Run. 


This year, the Board and Leadership of the University Y made the decision to only do Dump and Run in the fall.  In 2021, they had arranged a fall-only collection, followed immediately by a sale in August at the Stock Pavilion.  As they reviewed the impacts of that fall-only sale compared to the collection efforts and impacts for the spring collection and fall sale, they decided to focus solely on the fall sale from now on. 


Following that news, I spoke with F&S and Housing leadership, and we agreed that it would be best to delay our own version of spring collections until the full time Zero Waste Coordinator has been hired.  This search is approved, and we hope to have a new employee who will report to Pete Varney (and try to fill Shantanu Pai’s shoes) in the next few months.  That person will then work with us to develop an appropriate solution for keeping gently used materials (clothes, books, etc.) out of the landfill during move-out week.


Thank you all very much, and we will be in touch as plans develop for a spring 2023 collection.


All my best,




Acting Director of Capital Programs

Associate Director of F&S for Sustainability

Facilities & Services | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign