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Eastern Illinois Foodbank Update

Posted by Charley Marchis on March 22, 2024

Hi Jenna,


We met with Eastern Illinois Foodbank this morning, and they are excited about the prospect of working with us. F&S and Dining plan to take on the labor to bring the food donations to the foodbank. At the foodbank, the incoming product can be weighed so we can track that data. We are thinking of having boxes inside of the shipping containers (there will probably be 6-9 shipping containers this year, locations are pending) dedicated to food collection. They take the typical stuff, non-perishable, non-opened, but they do not have any issues with us brining expired food. Their team will go through and make the final call on what is distributed to the pantries. Most students probably won’t have super old food anyway, we suspect. UIUC will fill out a food drive form for the foodbank, and we will work on how to advertise this food drive effort at the residence halls – if you have any suggestions on that part, that would be awesome.


Thank you,