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EV charging

Posted by Quinn Connolly on December 18, 2023

Some of the comments from parking seem to imply a LOT of external vendor “input” on corded Level 2 chargers. I sense a reluctance about outlet-based charging, even though it can get to extreme scale.  I am not sure the folks have thought much about the energy costs and effective costs of moving a car. We still have the experience of minimal use because of high cost and inconvenience of moving cars with the commercial units in place.


The Curbside technology certainly makes sense along a street with two-hour parking spaces, and my sense is that we are headed there. In the lots, I just do not see a fundamental problem with installing several dozen outlets and not worrying about the all-day aspect. Of course, today’s discussion was about Curbside and it makes sense in context.


Philip T. Krein, Ph.D., P.E.