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FY14 Heating Degree Days and EUI

Posted by Morgan White on September 24, 2014

The attached file shows the heating degree days for each fiscal year and the Energy Use Intensity.


Hi Karl,

Wow!  So the weather does seem to have had a big influence here.  I wonder if there's a way to quantify that?  Could we, for example, break out the BTUs spent on steam from the total BTUs, and then consider two metrics: (1) non-steam EUI, and (2) steam EUI per Heating Degree Day? 

This might give us better metrics for our performance?

Thanks so much,

Ben McCall


From: Helmink, Karl J

Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2014 10:07 AM


Cc: Marquissee, Mike

Subject: RE: Updated progress report

Yes, Mike Marquissee and Kent presented the data to our Utilities and Energy Services group. This is where the BTU/ sq. ft. and heating degree day charts came from. I assume that Mike's group put these charts together with Kent's oversight.

I am not deeply aware of all of the details that go into the development of these charts.  ( It is pretty complex in my opinion.)

Mike, attached is a copy of the FY 14 year ending updates that came forward from our swat team.  FYI  If you can clarify any of the mentioned items, that might be helpful.

Also, we don't normalize any of the RCx data. One can easily get lost in the numbers, and I prefer to focus on the real meter readings.


Karl Helmink


All, attached is an analysis overlaying the heating degree days with the EUI.  The reported EUI is not normalized for weather changes. - Mike Marquissee