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grant deadlines

Posted by Morgan White on May 28, 2013

Joyce Mast, at ECE, is researching funding opportunities for the solar panels for ECE and the NCPD.  she provided this information.

Deadlines for submitting proposals:

1) Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity - Assuming our budget is adequate in the next state fiscal year, we may  be offering this program again in September or October of this year (Wayne Hartel, Energy Program Specialist, Illinois Energy Office)

2) When I looked over the SSC-funded projects for 2012 and told Professor Krein about them, he said we should wait for the September inquiry date. He expects that we should have drawings and plans by July. I’m still looking for matching funds

3) Their initial thought was Act on Energy grants, however I advised UI probably did not qualify as UI is not a standard tariff Ameren customer (Keith Erickson)

4) Illinois Clean Energy: a) High Performance Green Buildings – Rolling Review. Submit application anytime
                                                 b) Requests for Innovative equipment replacement projects in existing buildings or
                                                 c)  installations in new construction must submit a Letter of Inquiry electronically by July 16, 2013.

                                                 d)  Solar Photovoltaic Installation by July 16, 2013

                                                 e) Advancing Renewable Energy by July 16, 2013

I have looked at solar installations on roofs and have pictures. These would be supportive. However, we don’t have enough specific information to apply for any grant until the feasibility study results are in.

Morgan, do you have more ideas of places we can apply? Gerard?

I am eager to proceed as soon as possible. If you have further suggestions, please let me know. I could meet with you most any time.

Best regards,

Joyce Mast

Joyce Mast, Coordinator

Grainger Center for Electric
  Machinery and Electromechanics

Department of Electrical

  and Computer Engineering