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Posted by Morgan White on April 10, 2014

Launch of GRITS 1.0

On Earth Day, the Sustainable Endowments Institute will be launching the Green Revolving Investment Tracking System (GRITS) 1.0, a tool that streamlines tracking and calculation of project-level energy, financial and carbon data for sustainability and efficiency investments. On April 17, we will host a special webinar to provide a preview of GRITS 1.0 and the GRITS Affiliates program before its public launch (April 22). For information on the webinar and the GRITS Affiliates program, please see below for more details and how to register.

What is GRITS?

GRITS 1.0 is an online tool that offers a bridge between management and performance reporting by creating a space for institutions to track, analyze and share data on specific projects or groups of projects--well beyond the capabilities of spreadsheets. GRITS provides an accessible platform to better manage financial and environmental project performance.

What can you do with GRITS?

  • Access and learn from the field-tested projects of peer institutions (the Project Library has hundreds of projects and is growing rapidly)
  • Facilitate investments in efficiency projects by enabling fund administrators to easily and clearly communicate with stakeholders
  • Simplify calculations of project-specific carbon and financial savings on both annualized and estimated life-of-project timeframes
  • Create customized reports that tell the story of current and anticipated project performance.

The improvements offered in GRITS 1.0 are the culmination of more than two years of development and collaboration with participants in the Billion Dollar Green Challenge.

Interested in a tour? Email to see first-hand the improved GRITS tool.

Special Preview Webinar of GRITS 1.0 on April 17

In partnership with the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), the Sustainable Endowments Institute will host a webinar to provide a special preview of GRITS 1.0 and the GRITS Affiliates program before its public launch on April 22. Many institutions in the United States and Canada have requested access to the GRITS web-based platform to better track project-level energy, financial, and carbon data, and we are excited to offer access to GRITS to all institutions.

The webinar will take place on Thursday, April 17 at 2:00 PM EDT. Please RSVP for this free webinar at

Introducing GRITS Affiliates

What is GRITS Affiliates?
GRITS Affiliates is SEI's new program that opens access to GRITS 1.0 to all institutions and organizations.

Offering GRITS 1.0 to a wider community will build on the important work that is already being undertaken, strengthen best practices in the field, and help more institutions realize vital environmental and financial benefits. Members of the Billion Dollar Green Challenge will still have the advantage of a more cost-effective program for using GRITS. Challenge members will also benefit from new project-specific and fund-specific data provided by GRITS Affiliates that will help further expand the Project Library.

GRITS Affiliates will be available to schools and organizations outside The Challenge by subscription.

Interested in GRITS Affiliates? Sign up for free trial access by emailing