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iCAP Portal Admin Meeting - June 24, 2022

Posted by Morgan White on June 24, 2022

  • Michael will look into automation options for filling in the Menu Settings Parent Item (for breadcrumbs) automatically from the Project Parent field
  • Michael will also look at possibilities for expanding the menu length, beyond the built in limit that drupal includes by default
  • The menu settings
  • Is there a way to make sure every project has "sticky at top of lists" automatically? Michael will check - Drupal treats them all as a node, so he can see if Projects can start with "sticky" by default
  • He fixed the image rotation issue
  • On the header layout, he added a view gallery link and moved the project name to align with it. The view gallery link on header layouts shows up even if there are not images associated - so what should we do?  We can add help text for the layout options, to note how it works (related to images, and possibly other things) - we added this in this meeting.
  • Add a third layout called "Fancy Project Layout" - mirror the Header Project Layout and keep the Gallery in the Fancy Project layout, but remove it from the Header layout
  • We also looked