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iWG/iCAP Team Social Hour - 4/5/21

Posted by Meredith Moore on April 6, 2021

Hello iCAP Teams and happy spring! We are excited to invite you to the next iCAP Team/iWG social hour on Monday, April 5 from 4 – 5pm. The format will look a little different this time. We will be meeting on a cool platform called “Topia”, which will be more conducive for small group discussions.  

Here is the link for our “iCAP 2020” platform:

 Topia will not work on a tablet or phone, and it needs to be on a Chrome browser. Please take a few minutes and click the link above before the event, and let us know if you have any issues. The hour will consist of:

4:00-4:10 – Welcome and learn about the Topia website

4:10-4:35 – Breakout groups, visiting the different topical areas based on your interest (not specifically based on your team assignment)

4:35-4:45 – Come back to the center (central park) and a representative from each group will provide a brief update on what the group talked about  4:45-4:50 – Highlight one of the iCAP projects

4:50-5:00pm – Q&A, Conclusion

Let us know if you have any questions. We are so excited to try this out with you in a few weeks. See you then!

Meredith, Morgan, and Ximing