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  1. Energy SWATeam Meeting: December 5, 2019

    The Energy SWATeam's December 2019 meeting involved discussions on the iWG feedback for the draft 2020 iCAP Objectives created by the SWATeam members. Edits to the draft objectives were made and the team's responses to the iWG feedback was compiled. 

  2. Zero Waste SWATeam: Student Sustainability Coordinators

    Below is a summary of the idea for Student Sustainability Coordinators:

    Appointed Student volunteers will be responsible for promoting Sustainability and Zero Waste policies and practices within their assigned unit. Students would work with the Zero Waste Coordinator and unit Zero Waste Contacts (who are selected by the Zero Waste Coordinator) in order to achieve and implement their goals and project ideas. 

    To see more ideas, reference the attached document, providing a few more details. Note that this discussion is in its preliminary stages. 


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