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"Let's Talk about Sustainability" Event Agenda

Posted by Kejsi Ago on August 11, 2022

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Subject: "Let's Talk about Sustainability" event agenda


Hi all,


We now have confirmation for the “Let’s Talk about Sustainability” event agenda. As a reminder, this will be held each morning (10-11AM) in the South Lounge of the Union during the first week of the semester (August 22-27).

Monday 8/22 – Meet iSEE/iCAP with sustainability staff

Tuesday 8/23 – Plastic reduction with ISTC

Wednesday 8/24 – Student involvement with SSLC/SECS/SSC

Thursday 8/25 – Sustainable transportation (learn how to register your bike, take the bus, etc) with F&S and Bike Center

Friday 8/26 – Educational opportunities with iSEE


The purpose is to welcome students to campus, help them learn more about sustainability efforts on campus and in the community, and engage them in panel discussions on specific topics. Each morning, there will be a brief presentations (10-15 minutes) about a topic by a subject-matter expert, followed by open discussion and questions from attendees. They are not meant to be very formal but instead to spark the curiosity and interest of students and staff, particularly those who are new to campus, and help them find ways to become involved in advocacy and a local culture of sustainability. This event is open to all!


The Communications Team is in the process of creating a Facebook event for the event; it will also be advertised in the iSEE newsletter next week, EWeek/iNews/GradLinks, and at the Welcome Celebration. Please help advertise the event in your circles as well and let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.


Thank you!


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