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Meeting with Evan and Allison

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on March 6, 2020

Sarthak met with Evan Alvarez and Allison Haines from MTD to finalize the powerpoint presentation for the workshop, and to confirm the final destination for the demonstration.

We also discussed how to structure the workshop - Sarthak will make the introduction, get a pre-workshop survey, then invite Evan and Allison to make the presentation. Following the presentation, we will catch the 22S Illini from Main and Goodwin to Ceramics Building, make a transfer, catch the 13N Silver or 10E Gold/Goldhopper to Lincoln Square, get off the bus, and return via the same route. Following the demonstration, Sarthak will ask the attendees to fill out the post-workshop survey, thank them for joining and end the workshop.

Evan and Allison agreed with the structure of the workshop. Evan will send Sarthak the final draft of the presentation before the event on March 12.