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Meeting with Lisa Lillig at KCPA

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on November 22, 2019

Sarthak Prasad met with Lisa Lillig at KCPA on November 21, 2019. Following are the meeting notes.


I met with Lisa yesterday (November 21, 2019) at the KCPA lobby to discuss holding this event at KCPA. I was under the impression that it would be just for KCPA employees, and not that we will hold this event at KCPA for anybody who was interested.

Lisa said that she had spoken to the management at KCPA, and they do not think that their employees would be interested in this program. She said that there are 85 employees, and they have meetings with production, their team meetings, management meetings, and that they would not be willing to wait 30 minutes to get to their meetings using the bus. I tried to explain that it doesn’t take that long for the buses, and that it is much the better option for the environment. However, she was not interested.

She said that their employees often work 12 hour shifts and they would not want to wait another 30 minutes to get to their homes. She said that the employees usually park in the parking lot below, and they use the permits (I didn’t force the fact that they may want to save the permit fee, if they parked at the periphery of the campus and took the bus from there). Their employees usually have late night shifts as well, and I told her about the SafeRide program (she said that she knew about it).

Finally, she said that a 30-minute presentation and a 30-minute demonstration of how to ride a bus, is a lot of time. She suggested that we should do the presentation while in the bus, to which I explained why it would not be effective. However, she still maintained that 1-hour is a lot of time to invest (and said that I can do a lot of work in 1 hour) for this program.

Lisa suggested that I talk to Renee Laeyll from Employee Development and Learning, and include this in their program. She also suggested that I should contact the Department of Theatre (Cathy Feely) and Department of Dance (Ana Sapozhnikov) to see if their student, faculty, or staff would be interested in this program. Finally, she suggested that I contact LAS and Engineering to see if I could get a table during the Welcome Week at KCPA (as they hold the Undergrad Convocation at KCPA).

Overall, KCPA was not interested in holding this event, although I did not have the correct information about the program.

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