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Next steps from NRES285 spring report

Posted by Meredith Moore on September 23, 2022

Karl Radnitzer (Associate Director at Uni High) responded to the spring 2022 NRES285 final report with the following action items and requests at the end of June 2022.


I have included Don Marrow (our Business manager) and Elizabeth Majerus ( our Director of the School). The part in red is where is where we need money to complete the projects Don and Elizabeth.

I have read the report. I want to do the following:

  1. I will have 8 paper recycle containers on each floor- clearing marked. Should I spray paint them green or blue?
  2. Make sure all black containers are for garbage/trash only so we don't find contamination in all recycling bins.
  3. The issue with the steel door our previous business manager wanted the wooden doors.  Didn't have much say
  4. I would like all lights motions to switched to sensor LED. Don how do we make that happen?
  5. We realize our windows are not very effective. We need a complete overhaul of our windows.
  6. We did have a group talk to us about food recycling, but they wanted to do the composting inside the building. That was not going to work.
  7. On the land section, I have a boy scout do his eagle project on the area right outside the door on Springfield so that it now looks much better. We also have a club taking care of the small garden.
  8. Don, how can we get more sensor water bottle filters on each floor.. We have one on third, we need on second near 206 and one near 106 N.