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Our last big push!

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on April 13, 2017

Hey everyone!

Just 5 days left! Plenty of time to make a significant change. Nugent, you're so close to Taft, catch them! Trelease and Van Doren battle for 3rd! Halls in the red, don't give up. With a group of friends, walk around the hall a couple times this week and flip lights off. Wardall turn your A/C off.

Here are some reminders:

  • Take pictures of your efforts! Programs, posted fliers or energy tips, your team in your shirts, anything advertising the competition. Post them on our wall or tag us @EcoOlympicsUIUC
  • Big energy suckers are A/C units, mini fridges, heating cold water, and hair driers/straighteners. Unplug your fridge, wash your clothes in cold water, and go all natural for the next week.
  • We have shirts left! Let me know if you want yours!

Check out the live results, here.


Jessica Mondello

Eco-Olympics | Director

Think Globally. Act Locally.