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Planning meeting to implement project

Posted by Morgan White on June 28, 2013

Teresa Tousignant, Paul Foote, Morgan Johnston, and Eva Sweeney met to discuss the implementation steps for this project.  Eva will obtain the CFOP from Gaines or Mckenzie.  Morgan will submit an engineering work order for the daylighting and occ sensors.  Teresa will set up a kickoff meeting for about three weeks from now.  Eva will initiate engineering design.  Later, a work order for inhouse implementation of the daylighting will come from the SSC account and a work order for occ sensors will come from the RLF account.

overview of discussion:

Gaines Hall received the award letter, and Teresa is going to oversee the implementation as the "customer."  Teresa will get the CFOP, then Morgan will submit the work order for Engineering Design.  Eva and Teresa discussed holding a kickoff meeting.  It will include Gaines, David Chasko, Teresa, Eva, Robert, the facility manager, Paul, and any anyone else needed.

Eva needs a copy of all the documents, and Teresa will set up a meeting for about three weeks from now.

Perhaps the SSC will want to include a representative.   Eva mentioned that in some cases the SSC rep can add tangential conversations, and Teresa said that she believes the rep would most likely be an observer, getting trained.

One work order now for engineering.  Later, do work orders for occ sensors and daylighting implementation later.  The budget was reviewed.  It included Eva's rough estimates for the cost of the project, engineering costs, and contingencies for unknowns.   The potential for connecting the HVAC occ sensors as well needs to be explored, so Eva will touch base with Karl Helmink.  The RLF funding could cover the HVAC connection, if that is the best use of the RLF funds.

The proposal includes "publicity plaques" engraved and mounted on the wall in studio spaces near the light switches.  These were signed off on by Gaines with the acceptance of the funding.  Teresa can get the school or a class to do a design competition for the plaques.  This could be anything that fits the design standards for the campus, and has Dr. Chasko's approval.  The sign shop can most likely produce and install these signs, based on a second phase for the construction work order with the daylighting.

Eva anticipates a single review submittal for this project.  We would like to get the design done during the summer and the construction done during the fall.  The funding is only available until next summer.  A lot of this work can probably be done while school is in session, as long as they work around the classroom and event schedules.