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PWR015/ECONS009 Lightbulb Replacement - Submittal

Posted by Laura Schultz on May 1, 2019

The PWR and ECBS SWATeams jointly compiled the following recommendation:

"The PWR & ECBS SWATeams suggest a switch from conventional incandescent light bulbs to LED or CFL light bulbs
• This switch would occur during REPLACEMENT of expired bulbs in all buildings and/or during remodeling. Such a switch needs to be implemented gradually, i.e., replacing the current incandescent lightbulbs as they stop working, with lower energy and longer life CFL bulbs."

See attached the SWATeam recommendation PWR015/ECONS009 Lightbulb Replacement with comments from PWR SWATeam members.

An iCAP Working Group assessment of this recommendation began on July 2, 2019.