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Redwood Materials: Jen, Daphne, and Amy meet to follow up

Posted by Daphne Hulse on June 26, 2023

On June 26, 2023 Amy Fruehling, Jen Fraterrigo, and Daphne Hulse meet to follow up after initial contact with Redwood Materials

  • Amy is the connector so she can stay involved if need be, but batteries are not her expertise

  • Ask Stephanie Hess about DRS about battery disposal on campus is how much is recycled. See if departments have a need for this

  • Collection drives would be for students, primarily, for their personal items

    • Ask Goodwill about technology collected from Dump and Run - was it a good outlet for students?

  • IT would be more surplus-oriented

  • Could payment be associated with batteries collected?

  • Would just have to try it out and see if it’s worth it - we won't entirely know what the demand will be for the service

  • ARC does battery recycling

    • Reach out about that

  • Collection sites must be supervised so nothing is mixed in

  • Housing or libraries as a place of disposal would be most ideal. Having it available rather than waiting on a collection drive once or twice a year, is Amy's thought

  • Seema will be sending over material about how they have done collection drives in other places, so we know how it might run

  • Electrical and computer engineering department

    • Specialization in batteries

    • Looking at how to create batteries with a longer life span

    • Do they have a program? Sell to students?

    • A way for iSEE to integrate campus sustainability and research, so Jen will take the first step here

  • Redwood contact is an alum, co-founder is tied to Tesla - Amy notes the significance of this

    • Feels like there could be even more than just collecting batteries

  • Opening up redwood materials collection to the community - because the spring electronics event is once a year in the spring, so sparse opportunity for the community/county