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Request for Sustainability Mural

Posted by Kejsi Ago on November 18, 2021

From: Collins, Halie Jean <haliejc at>
Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2021 11:46 AM
To: Kim, Qu <qkim at>
Cc: Fister, Quinn <bfister2 at>; Kim, Yeon <yjk at>
Subject: SSC Sustainability Mural



My name is Halie Collins, and I am studying Civil and Environmental Engineering student. Through my last 3 years on campus, I have realized that there is not much student art being represented on the Engineering campus. Art inspires creativity, a trait that is extremely important to be innovative and successful in the engineering field. Because of this, I have reached out to Student Sustainability Committee and Illinois Facilities and Services about installing a Sustainability Mural on the Engineering campus. My teammates and I have already submitted a step 1 application for funding through SSC and we are now working on site acquisition. We have also received support from Morgan White who is the Sustainability Director at F&S.  


The vision we have for the mural is something that inspires creativity and inspires students to become more sustainable. We would also like to feature campus sustainability initiatives in the mural for educational purposes. We also believe this mural should be visible for prospective students because more and more engineering students are interested in pursuing a career in sustainability and green technology.  


We would greatly appreciate building manager contacts in the Engineering Department, or if you could forward this email to any building/Department that would be interested in installing a sustainability mural. Funding would be fully provided by SSC and other sources. 


To this email, I have attached our SSC step 1 proposal and have copied other members working on this project. Thank you!  



Halie Collins 

The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign 

Illinois Solar Decathlon President

Civil and Environmental Engineering | Class of 2023

haliejc2 at 




From: Kim, Qu <>
Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2021 9:36 AM
To: Collins, Halie Jean <>
Cc: Fister, Quinn <>; Kim, Yeon <>; White, Morgan <>; Kim, Qu <>
Subject: RE: SSC Sustainability Mural


Dear Halie:

I am writing an email to reconnect about your request.

If you do not have an example of the mural, but you need possible locations for your submission, you could list the following buildings as possible locations to be determined in the future.

  • Engineering Hall
  • ECEB
  • CEEB- New Civil Hydro
  • New MEB


Hope this is helpful.