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SafeTraces follow up meeting

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on January 3, 2023

Sarthak Prasad and Morgan White are meeting with Sterling Laylock from SafeTraces on January 9 from 11 to 12 pm to cover the following:

  • Astronomy Building report findings and potential corrective action
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring specific to IT Security
    • UL 2905/UL 2906: Indoor Air Quality Sensor Performance/Sensor Deployment
    • UL Verified IoT Security
    • There is a newer building on campus that has CO2 sensors
      so we can discover what they did and follow that pathway
  • Our ongoing collaborative discussion with the State of Illinois' new Building Infrastructure
    Fund (2nd qtr 2023) where our work with you under iCAP is considered one of the missing pieces 
    of the puzzle.

    Their primary goal is to improve re-occupancy levels within existing buildings and cause new buildings (public and private) to design more effectively for IAQ/IEQ, especially where private development is receiving state funding and concessions.

    Since it was UL Healthy Buildings (Primary Partner of SafeTraces) that introduced IGT to
    the UL/SafeTraces ecosystem, ULHB will be instrumental in providing the capacity needed
    for our efforts with the state led by Illinois Chief Investment Officer, Joe Aguilar.
  • As discussed with Morgan at the end of our Design Thinking Session, Ikenberry Food Hall
    is being considered as our next project and UL Healthy Buildings ULHB is partnering with us
    on it since natural gas and hydrogen sulfide gas may be impacting IAQ/IEQ.