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SECS rep met with F&S staff about a green roof

Posted by Morgan White on October 6, 2021

Alec Van Patten met with Brent Lewis, Betsy Liggett, and Morgan White to discuss the SECS' idea to get a new green roof on campus.  F&S staff shared some lessons learned from other green roof installations, and suggested some potential locations.  These include:

  • Newmark Civil Engineering Lab - first floor roof by the bridge
  • Nick Holonyak Micro & NanoTechnology Lab - closed picnic balcony on the north side
  • National Soybean Research Center - gravel roof by iSEE conference room
  • Turner Hall - the north entryway and offices
  • Future Arboretum Building - longer term and influential
  • The SECS team should review Google Maps and look at roofs they are interested in, if they want to consider other options.

We also mentioned the ECE green wall, which needs help getting refurbished.  It most likely needs better watering and possibly needs a review of the soil quality.

For the funding, the SECS is likely going to request SSC funding in the spring semester.  Brent says they can request pricing info from to get an estimated budget.

Once a location is selected, Alec will email this group to move into the preliminary approval stage.