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  1. Some Coal Plants in Illinois to be shut down


    The company also announced its next phase of coal plant closures in Illinois and Ohio with a combined capacity of more than 6.8 GW, by 2027. The plan has the following timeline:

    • End of 2022: Edwards Power plant, Bartonville, Illinois, 585 MW, in the Midcontinent Independent System Operator.
    • End of 2025: Baldwin Power Plant, Baldwin, Illinois, 1,185 MW; Joppa Power Plant, Joppa, Illinois, 1,002 MW (plus 239 MW of gas turbines), both in MISO.
    • End of 2027: Newton Power Plant, Newton, Illinois, 615 MW, in MISO; and Kincaid Power plant, Kincaid, Illinois, 1,108 MW, Miami Fort Power Plant, North Bend, Ohio, 1,020 MW, and Zimmer Power Plant, Moscow, Ohio, 1,300 MW, all three in the PJM Interconnection.

    "These plants, especially those operating in the irreparably dysfunctional MISO market, remain economically challenged," Vistra said in a Sept. 29 statement. "Today's retirement announcements are also prompted by upcoming Environmental Protection Agency filing deadlines, which require either significant capital expenditures for compliance or retirement declarations."

  2. South Campus Afforestation Recommendation - Transmittal to the unit

    The recommendation was submitted to the NRES unit on March 2, 2018, by Morgan White. Jay Hayek, Extension Forestry Specialist in NRES, will be planting 2 acres of trees at the southwest corner of Race Street and Windsor Road.  The trees were purchased by the Champaign County Rotary Club.  There will be a wide variety of native oak and hickory species that come in 3 gallon containers and range in height from 3-6 feet.  The Students for Environmental Concerns (SECS) plan to assist with planting the trees, when they are delivered in early April.

    See iWG ALUFS003 Assessment

    See SWATeam ALUFS003 Recommendation

  3. SECS Re_home landscaping

    In 2011, students at faculty from the University of Illinois develop the Re_Home for the Solar Decathlon Competition. As a result of a new landscaping and beautification plan, the Re_Home has found a permanent place on campus. In maintaining a “sustainability ideology”, the landscaping plans for this project are geared toward sustainability with the use of native, low maintenance plants as well as vegetables, edible herbs, and fruit trees. The Re_Home is an exemplary embodiment of sustainability and its permanent home will serve as a showcase in sustainability education.

  4. notes from SSLC presentation

    • 6 Project Groups
      • Earth Week Committee
        • Organize events for Earth week
        • Includes speakers, panels, movies, benefit concert
      • Education Project Group
        • Develop environmental curriculum to teach 4th and 5th graders
      • Florida Orchard Prairie (SSC funded)
        • Sustainable landscaping
      • Sustainable Food
        • Introduce ideas about food
        • Work with Student Sustainable Farm
        • Farmer’s Market
        • “group of friends talking about food”
      • Weatherization Committee
        • Design methods to make homes more efficient
        • Distribute packets of information and supplies
      •  Beyond Coal Committee
        • Stop UIUC from investing in “the filthy fifteen” coal companies
        • Design campaigns
    • Past events
      • Powershift conference – social and educational events
      • Keystone XL rally
      • Sierra Club training
    • Meetings
      • SECS – Wednesdays at 6:30p in YMCA
      • Beyond Coal – Thursdays at 8:00p in YMCA basement
  5. SECS newsletter


    Students for Environmental Concerns (SECS)

    As school's beginning to pick up and midterms are right around the corner, so is SECS! We've got a ton of upcoming events this week so check out all the info below and join us tomorrow for our weekly meeting! Be sure to check out the new "Articles of the Week" section on the right side bar. Also be on the lookout for another big social event in October... more info soon!


    General Meeting Tomorrow!


    When: Wednesday, September 25th

    Time: 6:30 pm

    Where: University YMCA (1001 S. Wright Street)

    This week we're announcing the top choices for our lecture/panel educational series from last week's discussion and doodle! We'll also be splitting up and working in our project groups so be sure to come out and join your group for some more awesome training, planning, and updates! Not sure what group you wanna commit to yet? No problem! Join us tomorrow and see which initiatives interest you the most! If you can't make the meeting, be sure to check out all the announcements and upcoming events in this newsletter listed below!


    Beyond Coal Event TODAY!


    WHEN: TODAY! Tuesday, September 24

    TIME: 11am

    WHERE: Business Instructional Facility (BIF)

    The Rainforest Action Network (RAN) is targeting Bank of America to agree to divest from all mountaintop removal coal mining operations. In order to do this, RAN is calling on campuses nationwide to disrupt the bank's college recruitment efforts to make it tougher for them to do business and generally increase visibility and pressure.

    Today, we will be disrupting first round interviews for Bank of America taking place in the business career center at the BIF. We will enter the building wearing business casual clothing carrying signs provided by the Rainforest Action Network, walk into the interview room, say a few words detailing who we are to the recruiter conducting the interview, give him/her a letter to give to their supervisor, and leave saying a single chant.

    Meet up with us TODAY at 11am in the courtyard area of the BIF! Remember to bring your orange squares-- we'll have a few if you forget yours or don't have one! Hope to see you guys there!


    "Right to the Common"


    When: Wednesday, September 25

    Time: 8-10pm

    Where: Levis Faculty Center, 3rd Floor

    Who: Michael Hardt

    This is an awesome lecture being given by Michael Hardt, chair of the Literature Department at Duke University. This lecture aims to define what is "common" and distinguish it from what is private vs. public. It will then explore different social movements (like the Occupy movement) and how they relate to "the common". 


    LEED Study Sessions!


    WHEN: every Wednesday, starting 10/2

    TIME: 7:00-8:30pm

    WHERE: 1311 Newmark

    Are you interested in LEED certification? Want to be come a LEED Green Associate? Good news, there are study sessions available for you to prepare for the exam! Check out the class sign ups here or email Savannah Goodman with any questions! Classes are every Wednesday, starting next week 10/2!


    Planting for Wildlife


    WHEN: Saturday, September 28

    TIME: 1-3pm

    WHERE: Perkins Road Wet Prairie

    The Urbana Park District and Sierra Club have been awarded grant funding from the Illinois American Water Company to restore a portion of the wooded stream corridor at the Perkins Road Wet Prairie. Please join us on National Public Lands Day to plant native trees, shrubs, grasses, and wildflowers at this site. (Tools, instruction, and snacks will be provided. Participants will receive a NPLD Certificate. Long pants, long sleeves, and sneakers or hiking boots recommended.)

    If you're interested in volunteering, call (217) 384-4062 by September 27 to RSVP! We'll be meeting at the Urbana Dog Park parking lot on Perkins Road, east of Cunningham Avenue. See you there!

    What is SECS?


    Students for Environmental ConcernS (SECS) is UIUC's oldest and largest environmental group. We work with all things green on campus and around the community. Check us out at our weekly meetings every Wednesday @ 6:30 at the University YMCA.


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    PARKing Day


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    "Dynegy Hearings"



    "EPA Carbon Limits"


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    Linda Qiu

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    SECS t-shirts will be on sale at every weekly meeting for only $8! 



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    "Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children's children. Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance."           -Theodore Roosevelt

    Linda Qiu, Secretary



    SECS is a program of the University YMCA



  6. News article about an update on the wind project

    On October 31, 2010, the Daily Illini published an article about the prospect of wind project going forward. SECS shared that this week the University has taken the first big step towards getting a wind turbine. -- "After years of waiting, wind changing for turbine".

  7. Students' letter to the Governor

    In late January 2009, students wrote a letter to the Governor, Pat Quinn, requesting him for support and assistance in the campus wind farm project. This letter addressed the need of wind generation capacity on campus and requesting the governor to persuade the Chancellor to bring the wind power to the campus.

    Attached Files: 
  8. SSC and SECS letter writing campaign

    In January 2009, the Student Sustainability Committee (SSC) and Students for Environmental Concerns (SECS) wrote letters to the university administration (trustees, Chancellor and Provost’s offices, deans and assistant deans, department heads, faculty and senate faculty) asking for support for the campus wind farm project.

  9. Complaint letter from SSC and SECS

    Following the cancellation of the wind turbine project on South farms, the Student Sustainability Committee (SSC) and Students for Environmental Concerns (SECS) wrote a complaint letter to the Chancellor Richard Herman. SSC and SECS expressed their disappointment about the decision as well as the timing of the decision. They were also upset because the university didn't discuss or consult with the student stakeholders in this decision.

  10. Student protest

    Following cancellation of the wind project, the students were angry about autocratic and secretive behaviour of the university administration regarding cancellation. They were disheartened and upset with the timing of the decision because the decision came during the finals week when the students were pre-occupied and under stress with exams. Students felt that university's choice of cancelling the project during the finals week was to avoid any response or protest from the students.

    However, following the finals week, students protested the decision of cancelling the wind turbine project.

  11. Student support

    In February 2008, the students leaders in the environment movement wrote letters to the Provost Linda Katehi, Chancellor Robert Herman, and Facilities and Services Administration, Dr. John Dempsey. These letters were signed by the student leaders and expressed their excitement and support to the project.

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  12. Trustees approval of the student fee

    In June of 2003, University of Illinois became the first university in the state of Illinois to implement a student fee to support renewable energy projects when the UI Board of Trustees approved the student committee's proposal of $2-per-semester fee for clean energy projects. It was expected to generate $140,000-$160,000 per year, depending on student enrollment, which could be used as the seed money for the wind energy project. The funds would be allocated through a new committee called the Student Sustainability Committee (SSC).

  13. Student fee for clean energy - Proposal

    In a referendum on 5th of March, 2003, the student body voted for a $2-per-semester fee to fund renewable energy projects and technologies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. They agreed on implementing this $2-per-semester fee hike in the Fall-2004 session. The accumulated funds could be used as the seed money for the wind turbine project.

  14. Inception of Wind Turbine Project

    In the spring of 2003, the idea of Wind energy was proposed by the Students for Environmental Concerns (SECS). Many colleges and universities in the recent years have shown interest in renewable energies and installing wind turbines for even small amount of wind energy would be a great gesture on the university's part to achieve sustainable renewable energy.

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