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Smart light poles - IUB -11/11 event

Posted by Quinn Connolly on November 7, 2023



Thought I would share that we are working to get more images up on the smart poles outside of the Illini Union bookstore. Katie is going to see if she can create a simple design for the 11/11 tailgate recycling event. Unfortunately the functionality and quality of the poles are less than to be desired, severely limiting everything from character limit, font size, style to final imagery. Nonetheless, we are trying and will share what we she comes up with for your review, as this is a great item for additional visibility.

Malikah A. Gordon




Attached is a sign Katie designed for the smart poles outside of IUB. We are pretty limited in terms of text and images, for now. I would like to run these from 11/8-11/11. Please let me know if you have any feedback.





This looks excellent – thank you for putting this together! I do not have any additional edits.


Thank you,