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Projects Updates for Zero Waste Messaging Campaign

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  1. Use The Bin Pledge Temporary Tattoo Order

    Associated Project(s): 

    Order information for Use The Bin Pledge:

    • Website:
    • Dimensions: 2.0 x 2.0 inches
    • Quantity: 1000 (as per the original conversation)
    • White Option: Either "Flood White" or "Spot White"
      • To my understanding, "Flood White" would have a white square as the temporary tattoo. If we did "Spot White", I believe it would just be the text and the bin, with the white only being in the recycling logo and bottles.
    • Request "Digital Proof Required"
      • No additional price associated with this. But it would delay the shipment by 1-2 days.
    • Unit Cost: $0.15/tattoo
    • Total Cost: $149.75
    • Shipping: First Class USPS (Free)
    • Design: I've attached the digital rendering of the design to this email again!
  2. 4/9 Zero Waste SWATeam Meeting

    Meeting minutes for the 4/9 Zero Waste SWATeam meeting are attached. The agenda is as follows:

    • Updates
    • Roundtable Discussion
      • Removal of virgin paper from F&S stores/catalogues 
      • Elimination of thermal paper receipts
      • Assessment of third-party vendors footprint (single-use plastics, recyclable materials, etc) in the Union.
      • Student Waste Management Educational initiative.
      • Single-use plastics in vending machines.
      • Reuse of Surplus Goods
      • Battery Recycling
  3. Congratulations for completing the Plastic Free Challenge!

    Good afternoon, Congratulations on completing the Plastic Free Challenge! You should be incredibly proud of yourself for your dedication to waste reduction this past month. We hope this challenge revealed some of your personal waste habits and prompted you to think about actions you can incorporate into your lives (and encourage others to incorporate!) to decrease your personal environmental footprint. Please don’t forget to share what you have learned this past month with friends, family, and peers. Keep up the momentum!

    If you have not already, be sure to submit your Week 4 Google Form by Monday, March 29. Please submit a photo or short video of a sustainability action or tip that you are proud of from this past month or would like to share with others. As mentioned last week, we will reach out to you one last time on Thursday with some exciting announcements: the raffle winners and statistics on how we did as a group reducing our plastic waste over the past month. 

    Although grid and point-tracking are no longer required actions, we hope you continue to be conscious of your plastic use this week and beyond. We are very impressed with everyone’s insightfulness and reflection during this challenge - don’t stop now!

    We hope you continue to keep in touch with us and reach out with any questions or comments; we always love talking about sustainability and would be thrilled to discuss with you further! Earth Month is right around the corner - please check out the continuously-updated sustainability calendar of events (both virtual and in-person opportunities). To close out the March Plastic Free Challenge, we hope you join us this Tuesday, March 30 from 7-8 pm for our second Ted Talk: Eco-Edition event, hosted by senior Maddy Liberman and F&S/ISTC staff member, Shantanu Pai. This month, the focus will be on plastics. Together we will watch a pre-recorded Ted Talk followed by a casual discussion and roundtable. Sign up here to register for this online event.

    Be sure to sign the "Use the Bin" pledge to commit to sustainable action and personally pledge that you ensure your recyclable items always make it into the appropriate receptacle. Thank you for a great month, and congratulations once again! Have a wonderful week and talk to you on Thursday.

    Meredith Moore, iSEE Sustainable Programs Coordinator
    Emily Dickett, iSEE Sustainability Intern