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Tree Campus USA Celebration - Zoom Meeting

Posted by Morgan White on April 16, 2020

Thank you to everyone who joined us live or watches later on the CCNet Facebook page!  We enjoyed a great turnout for the Tree Campus USA Celebration, with about 35 people on the Zoom call and a reach of 365 on Facebook.

This event included a review of the five years that the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has been designated as a Tree Campus USA, by Brent Lewis. Senior in Integrative Biology student, Maddie Smith, presented the results of her diversity analysis for the campus' urban forest, and the F&S Tree Surgeons, Dustin Reifsteck and Sky Drewes, answered tree-related questions.  At the end of the hour, community announcements included Arbor Day and Earth Month events coming up.

Celebrate National Arbor Day next week on April 24, 2020!

Links from announcements and presentation

The event concluded with a round of thanks, and several were captured in the chat log.

12:56:43     From  Eliana Brown : Thank you to the Grounds Dept!
12:58:28     From  Samantha Fisher : Thank you for this presentation! I really enjoy your monthly presentations.
13:00:02     From  Stacy Gloss : Thanks CCNET for a great presentation today. Awesome collaborative effort.  Everyone have a great day!
13:00:33     From  ekamarah : Thank you everyone for these interesting presentations and conversations. Have a great day.
13:00:37     From  Brent Lewis : Yes, thank you everyone!
13:00:49     From  Eliana Brown : Thank you, everyone! Great job!
13:01:08     From  pattsi : Stay well everyone
13:01:12     From  Marya Ryan : Yes, great presentations! So glad to reconnect with CCNet after a few years away.
13:01:24     From  Miranda Vieson : Thanks!
13:01:25     From  Marcus Ricci : It was a great presentation, with all of the different presenters nicely tying in to the theme. The Q&A was cool.
13:01:26     From  Jenna Kurtzweil : Thanks, everyone!!
13:01:26     From  Kate Gardiner : Love CCNet, thanks Morgan!