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update on flowers at Chi Omega plaza

Posted by Morgan White on April 9, 2017

John Marlin provided the following update: Attached are shots of woodland wildflowers beginning to emerge.  The photos are at the Chi Omega planting between the English Building and Lincoln Hall.   There are others that are not up yet.  Other woodland plantings are in front of the Natural resources building, Burrill Hall and the north Side Lincoln Ave residence Hall.


The Chi Omega planting looks good at this point , especially the big areas on the east and west sides.  There is good diversity of species, but some could be moved around to mix them in more with the geranium dominated areas.   The east sides will have issues with the cone flowers that were not part of the original plan and that Red Bison helped thin last fall.   We will see how the violets come up. 


Those of you interested in how location impacts blooming time will want to see the timing of blooming etc at the various sites as they have different light conditions.