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Visualization of the impact of CIF geothermal

Posted by Alec McKay on January 25, 2022

“In summary, there will be 2 slides taking turns to be displayed on the digital screen in CIF. The first slide is primarily composed of the 3D GSHP system schematic (Ground loops, heat pump and building) and the key parameters & features. The second slide shows the results from building energy modeling, including annual outdoor temperature variations, heating/cooing loads and other energy consumptions. This may [help] visualize the impact of CIF geothermal and give public a better understanding on the renewable resources.”

-John Zhao (11/14/2022)

PhD. Candidate

Research Assistant

Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Research field: Ground Source HVAC System/Subsurface Heat Transfer

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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