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Weeding info and more

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on August 5, 2019

Hello all,

Thanks for coming to our last meeting. For those of you who could not make it, no worries. Our next steps will be weeding the rain garden. I am still working on a list of plants with pictures, but in the meantime I have attached a updated list of the names of all the plants that should be there and notable weeds. Anythings you weed can be thrown into the lawn, if it happens that there are a lot of weeds that have been pulled still throw them onto the lawn, or perhaps a small tarp if anyone has one, and let me know so we can send Grounds to pick it up. 

As far as trees go, we are still going to go ahead and try to pull all tree saplings out. We discussed that this will likely be easiest after a rain. If they just aren't coming up and digging them out does not seem viable, at that point we can have Grounds come herbacide. 

We are going to continue this process likely until mid Fall, at which time I am hoping we will have plugs to put in. 

I am also working on an event that we can do at the start of the school year to get more volunteers out and helping around the rain garden. I will have more news on that soon.

Thanks again for everyone' your help! If you have nay questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to shoot me an email.



Vince Vet Med Rain Garden Plant Identifier Doc