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Weekly Resiliency Team Meeting

Posted by Stacy Gloss on April 27, 2022

Stacy Gloss and Meredith Moore met on 4/27 to discuss the following:

  1. DFA Student project on E-waste recycling poster was added to portal on 4/27/2022.
  2. Environmental Justice Next Steps by August 2022:
    1. Make 1 – 2 page fact sheet about EJ Planning
    2. Define plan for outreach this summer
    3. Implement the plan
  3. Capstone project on carbon offsets
    1. Obtain final deliverables on carbon offset project to include in iCAP portal
  4. Sustainability Clinic (Leading on Sustainability Issues)
    1. Socializing sustainability clinic to faculty; identify potentially interested faculty
  5. Community Conversations on Sustainability (Leading on Sustainability Issues)
    1. This is a newish idea that Meredith will socialize to iSEE and others and we can start working on it this summer.