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Weekly Sustainable Transportation meeting with Hrushikesh and Nathaniel

Posted by Hrushikesh Chavan on August 3, 2023

On 07/24/2023,  Sarthak, Nathaniel and Hrushikesh had a weekly meeting to discuss on Weekly Progress of the current projects that we are working on. Please refer to the file attached to view the Weekly Progress.

Nathaniel's Weekly Progress - 

  • Visited Round Barns for Bike Inventory
  • Campus-wide survey to check for remaining abandoned bikes.
  • In-Office Bike related accessories inventory.

Hrushikesh's Weekly Progress -  

  • Shared used Path Length demarcation ArcGIS for the Bike Friendly University Application (BFU)
  • Work on Campus Bicycle Master Plan
  • Champaign County Bike Month Planning Team Meeting
  • Meeting with UIPD for Field Maps Training
  • ICAP documentation