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Weekly Update - Bicycle Donations, wheel stripping, etc.

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on June 3, 2019

All, Definitely getting busier! Got a sale in just as we were closing up on Friday. Two more bikes were waiting on the outside rack when I got in this morning. I passed the manager of Champaign Cycle on my ride in and he said they’ve got a couple bikes for us as well.  We’re pretty close to capacity on bikes here at the shop. But I guess it’s a good problem to have considering the business model.

Last week we stripped 30 wheels out of the back of the shop. Still too crowded for my liking but definitely more manageable. We have about a dozen stripped frames ready for the scrapper as well, with another five or to be stripped this week. The front “sales floor” is opening up nicely, though, thanks to the sales we’ve made thus far.
I also interviewed a potential new hire last week.

Anecdote: Over the weekend I saw a woman riding her bike almost get hit twice in one intersection. She was crossing Lincoln and just inched her way through the intersection and both lanes of traffic had to stop short for her. It was a scary and clear reminder that we still have a ways to go on infrastructure and education on campus.

Visitors: 70
Sales: $1,157.10
Memberships: 4 for $120
Bike (refurb): 5 for $830
Tire/tubes: 6 for $26


- jake