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Weekly Update - Bike Donations, Wheel Collecion, CCB, etc.

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on May 28, 2019

All, Last week was slow. Still in a lull before Summer II begins. We got three donations over the weekend here. Mostly junk but better than being abandoned somewhere. On Thursday I collected 5 bikes from the Parking warehouse.
Last week Theo collected about 20 wheels out of the back of the shop that aren’t worth keeping. We’ll scrap those this week. I got in touch with FAA (Fine & Applied Arts) to see if they’ve got any interest in some of our throwaway junk for art/sculpture projects and that sort of thing. They said they’d pass the info along.

Jeff, from CCB, stopped by and will likely be taking the kids bikes off our hands that we’ve accumulated. That’ll clear up some space. We lent out the big trailer for the University Y to use at Dump & Run next door at the Stock Pavilion to great success and will probably do it again this week. It was nice to see someone else use it!
This week I’ve got an interview with a student worker today. Other than that, business as usual.


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