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Weekly Update - Build-a-Bike, Bicycle Donations,

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on June 17, 2019

All, Last week was comfortably busy. We had all-stands-full for a few days but no waiting patrons. A few build-a-bikes have been started, which is welcome. Shop builds are humming along, more or less. A new sign-in computer should be arriving this week. Donations are still coming in fairly regularly. We’ve got a stockpile of 10 or so kids bikes that I’ll aim to take to Salt & Light this week.

We built up and donated a bike to Campus Recreation Intramurals last week.

The students covered for me during my staff retreat on Friday. There was only one or two minor hiccups and they were my fault.

This week I’ll game plan for more volunteer tasks, do some long-overdue sorting, organizing, and purging in the new-stock area, safety check shop builds, and set up a July staff meeting for my team.



Visitors: 78

Sales: $683.50
Bike (refurb): 2 for $290
Build-a-Bike: 1 for $30

Memberships: 5 for $150
Tire/tube: 6 for $34



- Jake